meet the staff

Here to Take Care of You and Your Dental Needs

Donna: General Office Manager
Donna was born and raised in Pearl City, Hawaii. Trained as a classical piano player since she was 8 years old, she obtained a music history degree from the University of Hawaii. She and Dr. Mori moved to Portland when their first child was 3 months old so that Dr. Mori could attend dental school. Donna takes care of most of the bookkeeping duties for the office including payroll, taxes, accounts payable, etc. About 7 years ago she began to be more involved in the daily running of the dental practice and can be seen in the office 3 days a week, cleaning rooms, sterilizing instruments, answering phones, and doing whatever will help the staff and patients. She enjoys reading all types of books, trying new eating places, and traveling. She also visits Hawaii multiple times a year to help with her mom who suffered a stroke 3 years ago and is partially paralyzed.
Molly: Front Office Coordinator
Molly is hard-working, caring, and dedicated to her job, patients and family. She wants every patient to feel welcome and make sure their needs are met. When Molly was eight years old she broke her front tooth. She went through a lot of work to get it fixed. It was eye opening to her, that dental is not only important to your health, but that it can bring back your smile and build your confidence. Born and raised in NE Portland, Molly is busy raising her two children, taking care of her disabled mother, and planning a wedding a dozen years in the making. In her downtime, she enjoys movies, music, friends, and her 4 cats.
Michael: Dental Assistant
As a young child Michael chipped 2 of his front teeth. He lived this way for 2 years and when he finally got them fixed it boosted his self confidence. Michael never forgot that feeling and this is what drives him in the dental field. He graduated from Radiance Dental Assisting Academy and is currently taking classes at a community college with the goal of applying to either dental or hygiene school. When he is not studying (or working) he enjoys playing basketball and bowling.
Janice: Intern
Janice is currently working towards her undergraduate degree in Biology, B.S. at the University of Portland, with hopes of entering dental school soon after to become a practicing general dentist one day! Under Dr. Mori’s tutelage, she is able to indulge in her enthusiasm for learning while cultivating her passion for dentistry even further. She loves being at the office and getting to work alongside a wonderful dental team that aims to better the health of their patients. In her free time, Janice enjoys painting and stone craving, hiking, and volunteering with Medical Teams International.