Clear Braces:

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Clear Braces in Portland, OR

Clear Braces are orthodontic devices that are designed to blend in with the patient's natural teeth. These clear devices can be made use of to treat both adults and children suffering from orthodontic problems. Clear braces are a favored choice over traditional metal braces, which are very obvious devices that can come in the way of your smile. Some adults do not prefer to get their teeth straightened with metal braces, and they do not like to have their smile compromised with a bunch of metal wires and brackets in their mouth. But with the latest alternative, named the clear braces, these people can now get the treatment they want, which will improve their oral aesthetics and their overall health. There are two main categories of clear braces available to patients to get a straightened set of teeth. The first is clear ceramic braces, which are like metal braces. The second type is clear aligners, which consist of removable transparent trays.

What is the procedure for Clear Braces?

The Clear Braces involves a step-by-step process. The orthodontist will begin by taking a full X-ray of your teeth and jaw along with the impressions of your gums. Fabricating these braces out of clear plastic or acrylic material may take about a few weeks. When the clear aligners are ready, the first set of these aligners are fixed in your mouth. These are removable, but the aligners must be worn throughout the day, with the exception being when you are eating, brushing, or flossing. The set should be worn continuously for two to three weeks before it is replaced with the next set. Regular appointments with your orthodontist must be followed up to check the progress of your straightening treatment.

What are the key benefits of Clear Braces?

1. The traditional metal braces consist of metal, wires, and elastics, which can cause great discomfort for adults and teens alike. You may also experience a certain amount of pain and discomfort and, at times, some minor cuts and abrasions. On the other hand, invisible clear braces offer better comfort, and other people may not even realize that you are wearing braces. 2. The invisible clear braces are not attached to your teeth permanently, and as a result, there are no restrictions on the type of foods you can consume. As the clear braces aligners are removable, you can take them off before eating. In traditional braces, many people often complain that certain foods are off-limits for them until the end of the treatment. 3. Traditional braces give immense trouble with all the complications of metals and wires involved while cleaning the teeth. Proper oral hygiene is no longer going to be a trouble in the case of invisible braces. The invisible aligners can be removed for daily oral care and consequently benefit from reduced risk of tooth decay and gum disease with invisible braces. 4. The mouth will no longer be filled with unsightly metal by opting for invisible braces. The clear braces will appear natural and are completely transparent while they are still at work. Call us at Wayne H Mori Dental or schedule an online appointment to know more about Clear Braces