Periodontal Therapy in Portland, OR

Periodontal Therapy in Portland, OR

Periodontal or gum disease is a bacterial infection of the tissues and bone that support your teeth, including the jawbone and periodontal ligaments. It's a quite advanced stage of infection in your gums. If detected while still in the stage known as gingivitis, it can be reversed with a rigorous oral care routine. If not treated, periodontitis can cause tooth loss among adults. To maintain your smile, it is essential to seek out treatment for gum disease.

The effects of periodontitis start with the gums' soreness and minor bleeding and eventually lead to infections, tooth loss, and a decline in overall general health. Periodontal diseases should be taken seriously and treated at the earliest. Scaling and root planing and gum flap surgery were the only major treatments in the past. But nowadays, laser periodontal surgery is slowly gaining recognition as an alternative treatment for periodontitis. The older methods of treating periodontal disease are still in place, and the more advanced laser-based surgery can do a better job causing less pain and at no high cost. Laser periodontal therapy has many advantages and can help treat all forms of gum disease.

What are the major benefits of laser periodontal therapy?

Laser periodontal therapy, when performed by a qualified periodontist, has many advantages over the other treatment methods.

  • Minimal Gum Tissue Lost: Laser periodontal therapy involves a less invasive surgery that needs less cutting, and consequently, there is less loss of periodontal tissue. The lasers are more accurate than manual instruments and effectively target only the gums' infected areas without affecting the surrounding tissues.¬†
  • Bleeding is Instantly Controlled: In this type of periodontal laser therapy, not only is there minimal bleeding, but the laser instantly seals areas where the infected gum tissue has been removed or vaporized. This indicates that whatever minor bleeding could take place will stop almost promptly.
  • The Laser is Highly Flexible:The laser tools used in periodontal laser surgery can easily adjust the intensity and wavelength necessary for the different types of surgery.
  • Shorter Recovery Period: After laser surgery, your gums will heal much faster than the traditional methods of treating gum disease. Initially, there may be a little soreness, but soon, your mouth will be back to normal.
  • Laser Therapy can help in Scaling and Planning:Lasers can be used, even if your teeth and gums' condition needs the use of some amount the traditional scaling and root planing. Additionally, laser therapy can make the process smoother and effective.
  • Laser Periodontal Surgery is Economical: As compared to the non-laser techniques, the cost of laser periodontal therapy is often less or the same. The laser surgery equipment may be expensive, but the need for medication is a little less, and fewer dental visits are required.
  • Cavities can be Extracted Simultaneously:The periodontist can use a single procedure and simultaneously treat the periodontal problems and the removal of cavities. The lasers can accurately cut away the damaged portion of a tooth, and as a result, very little amount of your natural tooth is lost in the process.

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